as i’m writing this post, i’m counting my last 24 hour-time in South Korea!

We had a great chicken party last night πŸ˜›

after all we’ve been through, we get so many things that we can cherish forever!

there’s not much to say as it’s time to say goodbye but we’ll meet again someday!

signing off from Korea and i’ll see you guys at Jakarta.



Dear, …

it was the 1st of January, at Soekarno Hatta Airport-the immigration checkpoint line to be exact when i got the news that i’m accepted for the student exchange program to Solbridge, Korea.

after a long discussion, i finally got the green light.

when i got here. it was at the 22nd February.

and at the 26th, it was the orientation day. i met so many people from across the world!

U.S, Brazil, Morocco, China, Sweden, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Mongolia, Russia, KAzakhstan, Uzbekistan, you name it!

It goes pretty rough at the 1st time, but we got a hang of it finally πŸ˜›

And now, I’m counting my last 10 days here at Korea.

Flashing back so many things that happen, i found so many great things!

There’s time of joy, laughter, tears, pain, shocked, awe and love.

Starting last week, day-by-day, it’s no longer a question of where are we going.

But, it’s who’s going?

As painful as it is, leaving goodbye is not the end of the world.

Yes we are apart. But the moment that we all cherished is precious.

And I’m so lucky to spend every moment of that with you, you and you.

I hope to see you soon, my friends.


Ian Eryanto Wongso.

In every life, you always got a neighbor!

Where it is at a new residential complex or school or anywhere!

Now, I’m going to show you my neighbors at KOREA!

They are like so funny! At night, if it’s quiet time, they won’t be as they’ll shout all day long!!!

My neighbors are Jin Jong Young (Lucas/Luke), Chan, Chon Hui, Dan, and Ryan!!! πŸ™‚

They are like best neighbors ever and they made my dorm life so FUNNNN!!!

Hey! It’s been a while since I posted a new post!

So,without a further adieu, here goes!

It’s the second of June, and the countdown towards this journey has started.

We’re gonna come back at the 30th June to our beloved country!

It’s never easy to say goodbye, and we all know it.

I wanted to thank God for letting me see all the beautiful things and feel all of them.

The study, the playing, the joy, the tears, the love, the togetherness and the people I’ve met from different parts of the world. All of them could swept you away easily.

You never know what lies beyond days as everyday here-day by day- there’s always something and someone waiting!

We’ve seen a lot throughout these past couple of weeks! Enjoy the pictures and I’ll see you soon at Jakarta.








It’s Culture Day at Solbridgeeee!!!

helow helow helowww!!!

day 3!!!

After a long and breezy night (just for the record, for the whole week, it’s freakin freezing!!!),

today we continue our adventure at the metropolitan city, SEOUL!

first stop is to NAMDAEMUN MARKET! we’re planning to go to Insadong! But Versia and Yemima had been there and said that the price is too expensive, alas, NAMDAEMUN it is!

We bought souvenirs for friends such as bookmarks, keychain and utensils all ala KOREA! πŸ˜›

The shopping didn’t take much time as we need to take shelter from the rain at a nearby family mall (which I couldn’t recall the name and yes, throughout the week it’s raining!!!) h


We continue our walk to Shinsegae Department Store which the creme de la creme of Korean (a.k.a the Richie Rich :p) went to do their shopping (I guess, considering the price! wohooo! hahahha)

After that, we went to look for the Seoul Ice Bar!!! Β This is the most hectic moment of our trip considering that after a long way by the subway (the switching, the walking, the transfer bla bla bla, the asking direction, bla bla bla) SEOUL ICE BAR IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED!!!!!! huhuhuhu

but it doesn’t stop us as the show must go on! and to the last place we’re off to (second place off) :p


We took the intra city bus to go there (FYI, Versia was chasing the bus! hahahaa)

We decided to go into the TEDDY BEAR MUSEUM first as we think it’s gonna be better to look at Seoul Tower during the night! πŸ˜›

As the name goes, it’s a PURE TEDDY BEAR MUSEUM in which the Korean society ( during the past and the modern life) was described by TEDDY BEARS!!!

After some picture taking and pure gags on the Teddy Bear photo booth :P, we went up to see the magnificient view Seoul Tower offered!

It’s simply breathtaking!!!! And I can’t describe it in words!!!

Oh ya, there’s a place at Seoul tower in where you can buy a lock (yes, like the lock to your house) in which you write your name and your lover’s name. Afterwards, you lock it in a wired wall where it’s believe that your love will be together forever! so sweet!!! hahaha I did it with my family name though! hehehehe

and the last stop we’re off to finally is the Cheonggyecheon Stream where we could walk along the stream in the middle of Seoul!

Thank GOD as the rain had stopped which made us able to enjoy a nice and relaxing walk at the Stream during the night. They say that to get form the start to the end point of the Stream, you need 3 hours (we don’t do that though :p) hahaha

We just went to the start point as people there say it’s more beautiful-which yes it is! πŸ˜€ with the lights and waterfall!!! πŸ˜€

Such a magical moment! hahaha

DINNER: CHICKEN AND BEER along with lots and lots of laughs!

And that folk, concludes our Seoul Day-3 Adventure! THE LAST NIGHT AT SEOUL!

Hi Ho!

Sorry for the delay guys…

Been kinda busy! heheheh :p

Allright! this is about our second day! We spent it on EVERLAND!!!

It was a beautiful day back then! The sun was shining!

We took a bus no.5002 (if Im not mistaken) πŸ˜› and head straight to EVERLAND!!!

The admission to Everland was 33,000 WON! and thanks to Hana Bank-26,000 WON! Not bad. hehehe πŸ™‚

However, we cant see some attrcation due to technical system or something…bla bla bla

but thankfully! we get the chance to ride the world’s most steepest roller coaster in the world-THE T EXPRESS!!!


But sadly, our trip was disturbed by heavy rain which made us have to stay and play indoor and finally go home! (Believe me, it was a terrible rain!!!)

Our shoe was extremely wet! So some of the guys decided to buy new shoes which leave us heading for Myeong-Dong (a well known shopping district at Seoul). Our way back to Seoul was kinda thrilling considering we dont know where the heck we’re gonna stop! until someone called Katy decided to help us out! Thanks Katy!!!

Henrik and Gustaf got their shoes… Meanwhile, I discover a boots which was not in my size-They say to come back for 2 days… so I decided, with a meltdown-GOODBYE! But i got a new earring though! hehehe :p Gustaf and Henrik also got their dying wish-pair of sunglass!!!

hauhauhaua… the weather drop so low till 5 Degree! Making us have to walk in a long and endless breezy night!


Hi all!

Just return from our magnificient 4 days-3 nights tour to Seoul!

There’s Β 6 of us, Ariek Imanuel, Versia Sugandy, Henrik Wei, Yemima Imanuel and Gustaf Bergner!

It’s an adventure indeed and thank God that we could achieve and make it to all the top places within those time with all the rain, wind and cold weather!!!

Anyways, here’s day 1!

We left from Daejeon aroud 8.20 and reach there around 10!

First stop is to find the Guesthouse which we’re gonna be staying-it’s called Beewon! Cute house hehee…

The 4 guys shared a room and the girls shared another room.

We continued our trip to Gyeongbok Palace-a royal palace which is the biggest among other palace at Korea!

Then, we continued on for a quick shop at Dongdaemun, and COEX MALL-the largest underground shopping mall!!!!

Me, Gustaf and Henrik stopped at Megabox for a 10.30 movie of Book of Eli while the others decided to go home and take an early rest! :p

Despite the good movie, hahaha, considering we’re done around 11.30, the subway closed and we have to take a long ride by taxi PLUS an additional midnight adventure for finding our guesthouse!

But thanks to Henrik and the police, we made it!!! YEYYYY!!!!

Start counting fellow friends!

IMMERSION WEEK for Solbridge student is coming!

For those of you who don’t know, Immersion week is where all the students work together with their peer group member on an assignment for a week.

It’s compulsory for every living student :P.

But luckily, since I’m an exchange, I could go wherever I want! hahahaha

You know what this mean, ROAD TRIP!!! and to SEOUL I’m gonna gO!

As I’m writing, I begin to circle the places to VISIT in the Korea travel Guide Book πŸ˜› Here are some of them… πŸ™‚

I’ll see you guys there!!! πŸ™‚

You know when they always say, ” a change could be a good thing in your life.”, they’re right.

It’s been 2 months here at South Korea. And there’s nothing better than experiencing the different ambience day by day.

Either it’s a hectic moment at school, a laugh with your roommate, and even at the road,

something’s waiting.

And it all starts here, at Daejeon, Korea.